Together with the establishment of the Hugo Wolf Museum in Wolf’s birthplace at Glavni trg 40 in Slovenj Gradec, and the permanent display collection, the Carinthian Regional Museum also finally set up the Hugo Wolf archive. The museum gradually acquired the material between 1997 and 2010 that is why the archive is divided into three parts.

The most important part of the archive is the Slovenj Gradec archive about Wolf from Jože Leskovar, which was obtained in 2003. It also comprises the material collected by Hans Wamlek during World War II, which was discovered by Jože Leskovar in an attic in Ptuj in 1989. It consists of nine boxes containing photographic material, original documents, records on Hugo Wolf’s life, original correspondence between the members of the Hugo Wolf Society of Vienna, music books, literature about the composer etc.

The museum received the second part from the archive of the Slovenj Gradec Music School (from the fund during the time of principal Jože Leskovšek). The archive holds nine boxes with event invitations, event management correspondence, concert photographs, documentation of the preparation of the Wolf’s 130th birth anniversary celebration in 1990.

The third part of the archive comprises photocopies of original documents, which are now kept by the Regional Museum in Maribor.